VertiMax uses an innovative, patented training-band system, to build Faster & Higher Jumping athletes in the shortest amount of time, than tired, traditional training methods.

VertiMax Dominates Competition

Adding VertiMax to your sports program will have an immediate effect on how your players perform in competition. Thousands of successful high school and college athletic programs including Katy High School (TX) use VertiMax to increase the vertical jump, speed and first step quickness of their players. Join the 1000’s of teams who have already invested in a VertiMax – Ohio State University / Miami Heat / Louisville Cardinals / Pittsburgh Steelers / Kentucky Wildcats / Pro Active Sports Performance and many more.

Integrating VertiMax into your strength training program will allow any athlete or team to successfully reach more of their performance goals.

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VertiMax Raptor: Revolutionary, portable training

The lightweight Raptor unit is a revolutionary, portable resistance training system that utilizes the patented VertiMax Elastic Training Technology to develop athletic speed and strength. In less than two minutes, a Raptor unit can be attached to any chain link fence, allowing the fence to deliver VertiMax V8 off-platform training capabilities out to 20 yards.

VertiMax Can Ship Internationally Anywhere in the World

VertiMax can ship it directly to you anywhere in the world The VertiMax company can sell and ship VertiMax units directly to buyers anywhere in the world.

Throughout Europe and Asia we do have local distributors in many countries which we can place you in direct contact with. Please fill out the Information Request form below providing your name, email and country you live in and we will promptly inform you whether you can buy directly from the VertiMax Company or a VertiMax Distributor in your country.

VertiMax Ships Anywhere in the World

For Sports Fitness At All Ages - There's No Better Choice Than VertiMax

VertiMax is the most advanced sports training equipment designed to increase athletic performance and abilities across all sports and ages. If you're looking to increase speed, vertical jump ability and overall athleticism, VertiMax is the one sports training equipment designed to do it all and do it right.

It is the only sports training equipment in the world that can simultaneously apply a load to both the legs and arms for Maximum Vertical Jump Development and it's also the world's top speed training equipment due to its ability to simultaneously load both the drive phase (foot in contact with ground driving) and swing phase (foot is airborne traveling to the next step) for maximum speed increases in any sport.

No other sports fitness equipment can provide these training advantages to improve sports performance!

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Vertimax Speed and Vertical Jump Training Program

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Who Trains with VertiMax?   Josè Manuel Pinto, Vida Guerra, Drew Brees, Chris Johnson, Cam Newton, Ray Rice, Troy Polamalu, Manchester United, New England Patriots, A.C. Milan, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Heat Indianapolis Colts Golden State Warriors , and a dozen more teams in the NFLNFL Teams that train with VertiMax.


VertiMax provides a quick and easy financing process.    Approvals can be made within an hour.    Contact any of our Trainers for complete details: 800-699-5867.    Discounts on multiple unit purchases are available. Inquire with a VertiMax Trainer.    Call today .. start training Next Week!


VertiMax is Used by the World's Top Football Players & Trainers for Power Development and Speed

vertimax and UK football clubs

Teams that employ VertiMax in their Training: Manchester United, Leeds United, Ipswich Town, Norwich City, AC Milan, West Ham United, Manchester, Glasgow Celtic, Arsenal, Manchester City, and SL Benfica .


Testimonials from the Top Coaches:


"Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits of working with the VertiMax. Our schedule this year is very competitive. We need an edge for our players; Vertimax gives us that edge. During the testing of the vertical jump, my strength coach advised me that my players kept cheering VERTIMAX every time a teammate hit a higher max jump. My players and coaching staff are sold on VertiMax's effectiveness!"

Rick Pitino / Head Basketball Coach, University of Louisville



"I had the chance to use VertiMax for over three years. The progressive nature and versatility of VertiMax earned him a special place in our arsenal. We use it to advance athletes early in their rehabilitation closed through the most advanced training equivalent elastic string. This contribution and bulletproof design, makes it an obvious choice for almost every athlete based programs."

Mark Verstegen / the president and founder of Athlete Performance and Core Performance. He is director of the performance of the Association of NFL players, and is a trainer for the German national football team


Why VertiMax Provides Results

1. VertiMax allows sports specific fitness training in virtually any sport!
With VertiMax's ability to reconfigure the location of its resistance training bands, athletes are able to perform hundreds of sports specific training drills to improve power, speed and jumping performance for virtually any athletic movement and thus radically elevate overall sports fitness and performance..

2.Nothing defines sports fitness more than pure speed! If you have great speed, you have a better chance of being successful in any sport.
VertiMax is the top speed training system for improving speed in any sport because only VertiMax can load the leg drive and swing phase simultaneously for maximum linear and lateral speed gains. Every athlete wants more speed and if you really want to increase your speed potential - you have to effectively increase power in BOTH the leg drive and swing phase of the running motion when you accelerate. Basically we're talking about loading the quad - glut - calf when one leg planted on the ground driving and also at the same time loading the hip flexors, abductors and adductors of the opposite foot when it breaks contact with the ground and accelerates towards the next ground strike so it can begin driving again.

This patented training technique is as effective as speed training gets in the sports fitness arena. If you're still running around with an elastic band tied to your waist you're only training drive phase and that does nothing to increase power in the muscles that accelerate your foot when it leaves the ground. If you're running around with an elastic band tied to your ankles, you're only training swing phase and what's worse is those elastic bands are almost always slack when you start foot movement and thus they provide no useful resistance for power development at the start of the explosive movement where its most important. The V8 combines the best of both these conventional speed training techniques while correcting the problems associated with each to deliver the most effective speed training system available.

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Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin on why he trains with VertiMax

3. VertiMax provides maximum vertical jump gains. VertiMax is the only system capable of loading both the legs and arm swing at the same time when vertical jump training.
That's important because arm swing velocity at take-off accounts for 10 to 13% of your vertical jump performance and it can't be ignored if an athlete is attempting to develop their full vertical jump potential. Vertimax is the only athletic performance training system that accounts for this fact. Vertical jump performance is one of the most important performance parameters most athletes will ever be judged by.

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